Real Estate Equity

Available Strategies

Core, Core-Plus, Build-to-Core, Value-Add, Opportunistic

Available Structures

Commingled Vehicles, Separately Managed Accounts, REIT Structures, Other Structured Solutions
£19.2 Bn2
Real Estate Equity AUM (NAV)
£28.0 Bn3
Real Estate Equity AUM (GMV)

We offer investors strategies that seek to achieve income growth and capital appreciation by investing in competitively positioned properties in markets with favorable demand drivers, including those with a concentration of knowledge workers in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics occupations.  In addition to purchasing stabilized assets, we actively invest in development where we feel risks can be effectively controlled and where return opportunities are compelling.  In sourcing real estate equity investments, our professionals leverage their extensive industry relationships and investment experience.

Why Real Estate Equity

  • Potential for attractive and stable income returns with growth potential
  • Portfolio diversification given its low historical correlation to many asset classes
  • A potential hedge against inflation
  • A potentially effective tool for liability-driven investing over long investment horizon


  • Target primary and secondary U.S. markets which exhibit attractive demographics and high concentrations of workers in the STEM fields
  • Leverage proprietary research in developing top-down strategies and evaluation of investment decisions
  • Utilize experienced regional operating platform to source attractive investments consistent with client strategies
  • Offer access to a broad range of investment solutions, including customized managed accounts, joint ventures and other structures

Key Differentiators

  • Investing in real estate debt and equity for 140+ years4
  • Integrated equity and debt platform with broad insight into local markets
  • Extensive global office network with 200+ real estate professionals in seven U.S. offices with global offices in London, Mexico City, Santiago and Tokyo5
  • Comprehensive access to market participants and opportunities through deep, longstanding relationships with large owners, developers, and operators
  • Experienced, in-house integrated acquisitions and asset management teams, including onsite architectural, engineering and construction professionals
  • Rigorous risk management, portfolio analytics, valuations and performance measurement capabilities

MetLife Investment Management and the Environment

We believe our focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors is a crucial part of our mission.  Through three operating directives - Partner, Guide, and Sustain – our ESG program seeks to enhance value for the community, our clients, and the real estate equity investments we manage on their behalf:

PARTNER:  Engage and dialogue with our stakeholders – from tenants and residents, the community, to our staff, clients, and investors – helping facilitate win-win, long-term relationships.

GUIDE:  Identify, analyze, and mitigate risks.  Leverage research and data to inform our decision making, and operate through robust management and governance controls.

SUSTAIN:  Recognize the impact of buildings on people and the environment, and work towards healthy, productive, efficient, and prosperous real estate.

To read our Real Estate Equity ESG Policy, click here.

To learn more about MetLife Investment Management's approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations, click here.

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1 Please note that not all structures are available in all jurisdictions.

2 As of  March 31, 2024. At estimated fair value. Represents the value of all real estate equity managed by MIM, excluding commercial mortgage loans included within certain real estate joint ventures owned by MetLife's general account, presented on the basis of net asset value (net of encumbering debt).

3 As of March 31, 2024. At estimated fair value. Represents the value of all real estate equity managed by MIM, excluding commercial mortgage loans included within certain real estate joint ventures owned by MetLife's general account, presented on the basis of gross market value (inclusive of encumbering debt).

4 MIM has invested on behalf of the MetLife general account since 1875 and on behalf of third parties since 2012.

5 Santiago and Mexico City offices are offices of local MetLife Insurance subsidiaries; investment professionals located in these offices provide services internally to MetLife affiliates and do not currently provide asset management services directly to any third parties. MIM’s registered investment advisory entities leverage the services of these offices in connection with Mexico CML opportunities for their clients. Investment professionals located in the Tokyo office provide investment services to third parties for other asset classes, but do not provide real estate related investment services to third parties. 

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All investments involve risk. The value of your investments can go down as well as up, so you could get back less than you invested.