Corporate Bond

Investment Goal

Our strategies seek to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns in various parts of the U.S. investment-grade corporate market.

Our Approach

Focused on proprietary, fundamental credit research and bottom up portfolio construction seeking duration neutral portfolios with attractive risk/reward characteristics.
£7.5 Bn1
Corporate Bond Strategy assets

Related Strategies

Corporate Fixed Income


£5,902.5 M


Seeks exposure to diversified credit, focused on corporate fundamentals.

Inception Date

Intermediate Corporate Fixed Income




Seeks exposure to diversified intermediate credit, focused on corporate fundamentals.

Inception Date

Long/Short Credit


£205.4 M


Seeks positive returns regardless of market environment and follows a best ideas approach.

Inception Date


Fact Sheet

Long / Short Credit
Global Leadership Team
We believe that the best risk-adjusted returns come from careful attention to security selection and a highly collaborative team structure.

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As of March 31, 2024. At estimated fair value. Includes all assets managed by the MIM fixed income corporate bond team (including assets managed in the related investment strategies shown above).

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