Greening the Grid: A Tipping Point in U.S. Renewable Energy Production

Greening the Grid:  A Tipping Point in U.S. Renewable Energy Production

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Jim Landau Giuls Kunkel
JUL 20, 2023

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Executive Summary

While demand for renewable energy is on the rise, and the grid continues to “green,” procurement, transmission and accounting of renewable resources is expected to evolve. How does this transition relate to institutional real estate and asset management strategies? Greening grids have far more implications for asset management than one may think, and understanding the composition of the U.S. electricity supply has the potential to directly influence the types of decarbonization or net-zero strategies adopted by investors. By navigating the evolving challenges and opportunities of a greening grid, investors and asset managers are better positioned to align sustainability goals with long-term investment interests, while building asset-level resilience and mitigating undue risk.